Severe Moral Degradation is a crucial problem of mankind which is seriously affecting the peaceful and meaningful living of human beings.


In Society Morality is main source of development of the heavenly qualities like love, affection,heavenly feelings ,respect and appreciation for others.It is Moral Values and institutions which ensure establishment of social peace,order and justice.There is no denying the fact that morality is the best virtue of mankind at any individual ,social and global level.Without attaching the essence of morality  a fruitful,honest and durable democratic,socio-economic,administrative and judicial institution can never be dreamt of.Social ills and vices,in most cases ,occur mainly due to human activities devoid of moral senses.So, It is Necessary to develop moral awareness and conscience among the worlds people irrespective of colour ,religion and nationality.Arranging seminars, symposia at different levels of society is also necessary to motivate and encourage the people of all strata to accelerate moral uplift from there respective families and social levels……We should think about it.There are many solutions , but we have to take the first step.

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