Why do we do SEO? To get good ranking and organic traffic.Also to improve webpage and to optimize the blog in search engines perfectly. SEO is divided in two section by its doing , they are On-page Optimization and Off Page optimization.SEO is also divided in three section by its quality ,they are White Hat SEO , Grey Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO .There is a fight between of these quality seo . Many People named it White Hat SEO vs Black Hat SEO . Today I will discuss about White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO and which one you should choose for our blog , which is friendly for our blog.

White Hat SEO vs Black Hat SEO

White Hat SEO

White Hat SEO,Friednly SEO

In shortly White hat seo means Search Engine friendly Optimization.In which kind of optimization’s we do SEO according to Search Engine rules is White Hat SEO . For Examples , When we do SEO being stop from – link farms , hidden text,clocking,spamming,link buying or selling etc. is call White Hat SEO . If you stop from these bad habits ( link farms , hidden text,clocking,spamming,link buying or selling etc.) your blog may be save from the penalty of Google Panda .


Black Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO is opposite of  White Hat SEO . It’s like opposite word.In which kind of optimization’s we do SEO not according to Search Engine rules is Black Hat SEO . To increase your blog ranking when you do link farms , hidden text,clocking,spamming,link buying or selling ,use keyword three times in title tag ,use keyword three times in meta description,use mostly copy-paste posts,duplicate articles,use more anchor text back-links in article etc is call Black Hat SEO .  Black Hat SEO may harm your blog. Your site may be penalized from Search Engines . If Google Panda detects your black hat SEO you can understand what will happen ?

So, Love the good part of SEO .Love White Hat SEO and stay away from Black Hat SEO.