Happiness and Unhappiness what is mean to you?


Many people think that Money can do everything in life . We know money is a must for our life but it is not the think that necessarily brings our happiness . It is absolutely a psychological matter . It means the contentment of the mind . Happiness lies in contentment.It means that Who is happy what he/she gets and what he/she is,he/she is a happy man . Money can do something to happiness but it cannot give us happiness . So we can see that the richest man of our locality , aria , society are not the happiest man . They lead a life with burdened with cares and anxieties and pass sleepless night . On the other hand , there is a large number of people who are poor but happy and enjoy a sound sleep.The man who is honest and virtuous , though not rich ,does not suffer from the anguish of the soul.His conscience does not torment him.Hence Money  cannot ensure happiness.It is only moral and spiritual development that ensures us happiness.