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W3 Total Cache Settings (Full Configuration with Screenshot)

Installing the W3 Total Cache Plugin , you made a good choice.It makes your Wordpress blog faster . There are many wordpress plugin that help with speed optimization , but i think it is one of the best plugin of others.It has also a plus point that it’s configuration is so easy.

**Especially , Google  takes into account site speed as a ranking factor . Knowing this I think now you are now going to want your wordpress site or blog to load as fast as possible.

I am Starting ,,,,

Download the Plugin from Here – W3 Total Cache .After that upload it and Install the W3 Total Cache .You can also install it from your plugin directory.

 W3 Total Cache Configuration of us :

GENERAL : Leave Unchecked 

W3 Total Cache Settings


Page Cache : 

  1. Page Cache : Check [Enable]
  2. Page Cache method :-  Disk: Enhanced


W3 Total Cache Settings



  1. Minify :Check [ Enable ]
  2. Minify mode: Auto
  3. Minify cache method: Disk
  4. HTML minifier: Default
  5. JS minifier: JSMin(default)
  6. CSS minifier:  Default

W3 Totalcache - Minify Settings


 Database Cache

  1. Database Cache : Check [Enable]
  2. Database Cache Method : Disk

W3 Totalcache - Database cache settings


 Object Cache

  1. Object Cache : Check [Enable]
  2. Object Cache Method : Disk

W3 Totalcache - Object cache settings


  Browser Cache:

  1. Browser Cache : Check [Enable]

W3 Totalcache -  Browser Cache settings



  1. CDN : Check [Enable]
  2.  CDN Type: : MaxCDN

W3 Totalcache - CDN Settings

I prefer MaxCDN’s content delivery network. You can use MaxCDN coupon to get a discount off your plan. You can also use MaxCDN’s tutorial to help you setup it up.

What is a CDN? If your website is targeting visitors across the country (or world), a CDN speeds up your website for those visitors who are far away. It does this by using a network of servers that delivers your web pages from the closest server to the visitor – which makes it load faster.


Reserve Proxy : Leave Unchecked

W3 Totalcache -  Reserve Proxy Settings


Monitoring : 

You’ll see an option here to sign up for New Relic. This is a tool for monitoring your web and mobile apps performance. It’s more for developers but if you are one, you probably already know about this service. Otherwise, leave it blank.

W3 Total cache  - Monitoring Settings





If you want to see your Google Page Speed score in your WordPress dashboard, there’s instructions in this menu. Otherwise, here are the settings I use :

  2.  : Un 
  3.   : Un 

Miscellaneousl Settings


Debug : Leave all Unchecked

W3 Total cache  - Debug Settings



Import/Export Settings :

The option can use , If you want to use the same W3 total cache settings across multiple websites, export your settings and import them into the new WordPress sites .

W3 Total cache  - Import or Export Settings


I update the option of { W3 Total Cache version – Version 0.9.4 } .  Configuring W3 Total Cache is just one of many things you can do to make your WordPress site load faster.

There are also some other plugin to reduce loading time.WP Super Cache is one of them.You can use WP Super Cache plugin to reduce loading time in wordpress . But use on of these plugins => W3 Total Cache  or WP Super Cache.

You can also follow this post to reduce loading time => How to Reduce Loading Time in WordPress Blog .

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