We all are familiar with Pattern lock of Android Device.For Security System Pattern Lock is so important.So why should Pattern lock limited into just on Android Device.I bring before you Windows Pattern Lock.You can Pattern lock your Computer by using 808 kilo-byte Software and Taste the Android Pattern Lock in your Computer.

1.First Download this Software –  Eusing Maze Lock [ Size – 808 kilo-byte ] .

2.After download Install the software.

3.Now it is ready to lock your Computer .


How do you will give Pattern Lock in  your Computer ?

If you Think that you would forget pass in future Please backup your files in a Secure place of Hard disk. 

  • Right Click on the software icon at Tray of Windows System.Then Click the Option of Configuration.Going the option you can give pattern lock , can change or reset Pattern lock and you can also change the settings of the Software.[ Screenshot Given Below ]

Android Pattern Lock For PC

  • Then Give your Pattern or change or reset your pattern.After that Click ok to save your Configuration or setting.

Android Pattern Lock For PC - Config

  • You can also change Pattern Lock Background.

Ensuing Maze Lock


Now Taste Android Device Pattern Lock Into your Computer.

N:B:If you Think that you would forget pass in future Please backup your files in a Secure place of Hard disk. If you think that you can’t remember the pass my suggestion is not to use it.