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How to Understand is the Blog is Dofollow or Nofollow

We even visit many websites and blogs and post comments to  get backlink . Did you get backlink every time from all those websites and blogs ? No , Because Which websites and blogs post and comments have Nofollow link attribute , you will not get any backlink from those kind of websites and blogs.Though some Search Engines now tack Nofollow link as backlink , but those have no values.So to get Good and High quality backlink for our blogs we find Dofollow blogs.Today I will share a trick how to understand is the blog is Dofollow or Nofollow.

Features of the Tool

The name of the tool is Quirk Search Status.Features of Search Status tool :

  • You can see Page Rank, Alexa Rank etc rank via this tool.
  • Check Websites or Blogs backlink.
  • How many pages are indexed in Search Engine You can See by using this tool.
  • You can see web pages Keyword Density.
  • You can see Websites or Blogs XML and Robot.txt files.
  • You can see web pages meta tag.
  • You can highlight the Dofollow and Nofollow links.
  • You can see websites or blogs link reports.You can see how many internal links,external links ,nofollow links and dofollow links are in the webpage.
  • You can see Domain Whois.

Download the tool

You can use this Tool only on Firefox .It is a Firefox Add-on .You can also use it on Sea Monkey. The Add-on name is Quirk Search Status .Download Link –

Search Status,Blog is Dofollow or Nofollow

How it works

To see if the blog is dofollow or nofollow go to your targeted link.As an example : I go to this link –

Then see what i found [in the picture],

Nofollow link found

You can see [in the picture] wich are nofollow link they are highlighted with color.


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