Manage 301 Redirection of WordPress Blog

301 Redirection,301 ,Redirection,302 Redirection
Redirection is one kind of function which forward, which take any link(url) to another link(url).It is important in SEO. Among the 301 Redirection is the best choice. Why You should use Redirection ? If you update your content and post similar but with new ...

Safe Keyword Density for SEO of blog

Safe Keyword Density ,Keyword Density
Keyword is the most important thing in SEO . We create our blog and contents according to a group of keyword . Keywords can find traffic for your blog.You can get much visitors for your blog from search engine if you target right keyword.You ...

On-Page Optimization Importance and Uses

On-Page Optimization
Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is divided into two main sections.one is On-Page Optimization and another is Off-Page Optimization.On-Page Optimization means which optimization has done on the webpage,on itself. If you focus it deeply you can understand it clearly.First we have to ask ourselves what we do first in ...