If you want to get your contents , web pages , blog etc. in google search faster , you should submit your blog sitemap in Google Webmasters Tool now.First you will want to know what is Sitemap ?

Sitemap : Sitemap is a XML file which will help Search Engines like Google,Bing  ,Yahoo,Ask.com to index your blog.It is Sitemap , which help crawlers to see the complete structure of your site .It will help Search engines to crawl web pages,posts and index them.Sitemap Helps Search Engines to find those pages which are hard to discover.It has also a good benefit that, Every time you post a new content it notifies the all the Search engines . S0 it is good for your website or blog to have a Sitemap .

How to submit blog sitemap in Google Webmasters Tool :

First go to Google Webmasters Tool .Then enter in GWT with your Google Account .You have to verify your blog in Google Webmasters Tool.

How to Verify a website in Google Webmasters

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Then go Sitemaps . There you will find a box named =>> Add/Test Sitemap . Click the box .

Submit Sitemap in Google Webmaster Tool

After that create a sitemap for your blog . If you all ready have created a sitemap , then place your sitemap link in the box.

Add or Test Sitemap in Google

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Then click |  =>> Submit Sitemap  | to submit sitemap in Google Webmasters Tool .

Then a message will come  | Sitemap Submitted . Refresh the Page | Click =>> Refresh the Page to see your sitemap result .

submit blog sitemap in Google Webmasters tool

Google Webmasters Tool will show the index result .You can also check how many links of your blog have been submitted in Google .

Search this in Google =>>  site:yourblog.com

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