Submit your Application on Google Play and Open an account : Firstly You need a Google account or G-mail Account.

If you don’t have any Google account read it – How to Open a G-mail or Google Account .

Then go to this Link –  and Log-in.(If yo have already logged in google you don’t have to login).It will directly redirect into this page (given picture below).

Submit your Application on Google Play and Open an account

Then Check Agreement and Click Continue to Payment.Then a Pop-up will come of Google Wallet (given picture below).

Submit your Application on Google Play

Another page will open or in the same tab a page will come given below.In there you have to Add Card Information .Google Wallet will tell you to pay 25$ .So for that You have to add a Card.

Google wallet card information submit

Give Card Number,Expiration date , Security Code and Click Accept and Continue.Your card have to remain at least 28$ .To open an account in Google Wallet it will cut two small amount of money for Verification , Which will give you back in your card.For Payment Confirmation it will take 24 hours , Though you can upload your application on Google Developer Console.

You can use any Card like Master Card,Visa Card,American Express etc. You can also use your Payoneer Card .You can also use your friend’s card or others you familiar with.

After that it will take you to in Google Play Developer Console.Where You can Upload your application.

Google Play Developer Console - Upload

Click Add New Application and then upload your Application.After Clicking that a Pop-Up will come just like given below.

Add New Application


Then Select Default Language,Give Title and Click Upload Apk.By Clicking on Prepare Store Listing and you can save many information about your application . After Saving all information then Click Ready To Publish.Google will Approve by Verifying this application.Generally Google Play Approve Applications after 4-5 hours review.

So Happy Publishing Android Application.Be active to get How to Develop Android App.