Keyword Placement is a part of SEO . You can get traffic from the Best Keyword Placement .If you can place your keyword superbly you may also get top position in Search Engines.In this post you will find how to place keyword superbly to get top position in Search Engines and get a good rank.

1.Keyword In Titles

Place your main keyword in the Title.Titles are shown in the search in search engines when people search . So you can understand the importance of keyword placement in titles.Limit your title at 60-70 letters.Keep your Title as short as you can,but not make it so short that people can’t understand.

2.Keyword In Meta Descriptions

Description is used for give a suitable description of your blog or content . You can place your “main keyword” in the Meta Descriptions . Meta Descriptions  are also shown in the search in search engines when people search .Limit your Description at 156 letters. Recommended 156 – 160 letters for Meta Descriptions.

3.Keyword in Headlines

There are 6 types of Headlines . Use Heading 1 for your post headline and place your keyword in headline to make your content search engine friendly.

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4.Keyword in First paragraph

First paragraph is the introduction of your whole content.So to make your content attractive and SEO Friendly you should place your keyword in first Paragraph.Sometime search engines take your first paragraph as meta description.So it is really important for keyword placement in first paragraph.( Remember : Place your keyword only once in First Paragraph)

5.Keyword in Images

Keyword in images are for SEO friend Image Optimization.You can place your main keyword in images.It is important for on-Page Optimization.Why should you need to optimize your image and how you will do?It can’t be described in short paragraph,So I write a complete Article about it.

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6.Keyword in Mid of the Article

Mid part of article is the interesting part of any article.So you can place your keyword in the mid part of article.( Remember : Place your keyword only once in mid part of article)

7.Keyword in Bold,Italic and Underline tag

To make attractive and stylish your content you can use your keyword in Bold tag,Italic tag and Underline tag.It is part of on-page SEO.

8.Keyword in Permalinks

Permalinks are shown in search Engines . So you must put your keyword in permalinks to get better result.There is no limitation in permalinks but you should use short permalinks.

9.Keyword in Last talk

You can place keyword in last talk .Last talk means the conclusion part of your content.So it is also important.( Remember : Place your keyword only once in last talk)

10.Must check Keyword Density

You should maintain” safe keyword density “.Because If your keyword density get higher then the suitable rate and permissible rate you have to face many problems.Your rank will decrease and your blog or the content could be penalized by Search Engines if you do not maintain safe keyword density.