Keyword is the most important thing in SEO . We create our blog and contents according to a group of keyword . Keywords can find traffic for your blog.You can get much visitors for your blog from search engine if you target right keyword.You should also place it beautifully to get organic traffic .You should also keep a safe keyword density for SEO of your blog .Today I will share a post about the safe keyword density. Safe Keyword Density ,Keyword Density ,safe keyword density

What is Keyword Density ?

How many times you have used your keyword in your content per 100 words.

** Keyword Density – KEYWORD (times of keyword use) /100 Words .

If you use your keyword in your content 5 times in 100 words your Keyword Density will be calculated,

** Keyword Density – 5/100 Words = 5% Keyword Density in your content.

Why should you maintain Safe Keyword Density ?

You should maintain safe keyword density.Because If your keyword density get higher then the suitable rate and permissible rate you have to face many problems.Your rank will decrease and your blog or the content could be penalized by Search Engines if you do not maintain safe keyword density.I hope now you have understand the fact.

What is the Safe rate of Keyword Density for SEO of blog?

The safe rate for keyword density is from 2% to 4%.You should use your keyword 2-4 times per 100 words in content.Search Engines like , Google ,Yahoo,Bing etc. appreciate this rate.

  • Safe Keyword Density for Google – 2% to 4%
  • Safe Keyword Density for Yahoo – 3% to 5%
  • Safe Keyword Density for Bing – 6% to 8% [ 1% to 3% is also recommended ]

**Example : If you write 500 words you can use keyword 10-20 times in your content.