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Live Streaming method of Real Player :

You can also watch live tv just like Vlc media player .But Real player’s  picture quality is better then Vlc Media Player.Now Open the Real Player from your PC.Then Click the menu of Real Player .After that click File > Open.By clicking Open you will see a menu like below.In the Open Field give channel streaming link and Click 0k. After some time your TV will play.

Watch Live TV via Real Player

But the problem is Real Player doesn’t support all link like Vlc Player.

But Real Player Has also a good Benefit that Generally the TV link doesn’t open in Computer Browse but if there Real Player is installed you can open it directly and Can Select player to play.

Real Player - Watch Live TV

You can also watch live Tv on your Android Device just like above If these player are installed in your device.

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Method for Mobiles :

  1.  Open notepad in pc/lappy.. copy the specific code ..then save as .ram[example : Biddut.ram ]

  2. Then transfer it to your mobile.After that open it.

  3. I’m not responsible with anything that happen[charges,etc…]

  4. I have done this and its no problem.

  5. If your phone have wifi use it to avoid charges for connection.


rtsp:// – astro ria[save as ria.ram]
rtsp:// – hitztv[save as hitz.ram]
rtsp:// – cartoon network[save as CN.ram]
rtsp:// – mtv[save as mtv.ram]
rtsp:// – bbc[save as bbc.ram]
rtsp:// – cnbc[save as cnbc.ram]
rtsp:// – cnn[save as cnn.ram]
rtsp:// – discovery channel[save as DC.ram]