Images are using in post to make the post attractive and meaningful.It is images which helps visitor to understand the content beautifully . An image is more effective then thousand of words.For this we use images in post. But when the image size remain large it may increase your page loading time ( slowdown your pages speed). Large image size may harm SEO and Speed Optimization . So we must think about it.To reduce image size WPMUDEV has created plugin named WP . WP is really helpful.It reduce image sizes to increase page speed.

What is WP ?

WP is a plugin which helps to reduce image sizes and improve performance .

WP,reduce image sizes

Some Features of WP :

  • Striping meta data from JPEG’s
  • Optimizing JPEG compression 
  • Converting certain Gif ‘s to indexed PNG’s 
  • Striping the unused colours from indexed images

How does it work :

When you reduce image size it may increase your page speed.After install it , when you upload any image in posts or pages it will automatically run through WP and image size will be reduced. You don’t have to do anything after install it.It is the main task of this plugin .

Install this plugin now to reduce image sizes. Download Link – .

Easier way to install =>> Go to Plugins from Dashboard.Click Add new. Search WP and install it.It will take few minutes to install .After install active the plugin.

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To reduce all image size go to Bulk .The option is on Media Setting.

Bulk Smushit

You can reduce all image size by clicking =>>  Run all my images through WP right now .

Bulk,WP Bulk Option,Run all my images through WP right now,Reduce all image size,Bulk,

After Smush through WP you can see how much it reduced image sizes.

WP ,Reduced image sizes,Reduce image size through

Point to be Noted : You should not run all images at a time through WP , If you have plenty of images on your Media Folder . It may consume huge amounts of resources of your server and your site may go down.

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