Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is divided into two main is On-Page Optimization and another is Off-Page Optimization.On-Page Optimization means which optimization has done on the webpage,on itself.

If you focus it deeply you can understand it clearly.First we have to ask ourselves what we do first in the blog ? We write Content (articles) , design or blog templates,Upload images,videos ,files etc.More than about 70 percent people are busy with it.But these thing are not so effective for Search Engine Optimization.To make these things useful for Search Engine is call On-Page Optimization.

On-Page Optimization issues :

1.Meta Tag

2.Title Tag

3.Keyword Tag

4.Description Tag

5.Alt Tag

6.h1-h6 tag style

7. SEO Friendly URL Structure ( Rename Page Files )

8. Creat content According to Keyword

9. Creat XML Sitemap

10. SMO (Social Media Optimization)

1.Meta Tag :

Meta Tag is one kind of HTML tag which will help to publish your website’s or blog’s important information’s to Search Engines.These Tags will help Search Engines to know about the writer of the blog,date of website(blog) creation , date of website(blog) update etc.But All meta tag are not so important for Search Engine Optimization(SEO) except Title Tag,Keyword Tag,Description Tag .

Uses and Importance of Meta Tag :

  • Meta Tag help to Supply information to SERPs(Search Engine Result Page).
  • Meta Tag will help your blog to stay on the good place at Search Engine Optimization(SEO) and different side of your blog appear before visitors.

2.Title Tag

Title Tag means your blog’s title.It is not so essential for your blog but A good title can increase your visitor rapidly.

How to make good title and how to make it attractive :

  • Limit the Title at 70 letters.
  • Keep your Title as short as you can,but not make it so short that people can’t understand.
  • Use or give Title which keyword you Targeted .
  • You have to make your Title tag so attractive that people can understand it .If you can , it will increase your visitor.

3.Keyword Tag

In Search Engine Optimization Keyword is Unique issue.Firstly Which words will you take as keyword and build your blog according it are called keywords and Secondly Which main word you will take to do SEO of your blog is also call Keyword.I think the Second Target is good to go with SEO . Because at the language of SEO Keywords are that words which will you target to build up and run with your blog

4.Description tag

Description tag is used for give a suitable description of your blog or webpage.Example , we even have to explain a great matter shortly,Like it Description tag is given for short description of your website.

Some tips to Write a good description tag :

  • Limit your Description at 156 letters.WordPress SEO by Yoast (Plugin) Recommended 156 letters for Description tag.All in One SEO (Plugin)  Recommended 160 letters for Description tag.
  • Keep a good focus to write a good description.Be careful ,Do not make any mistake in writing.
  • In the Description Tag keep your Targeted Keyword .

5.Alt Tag

Alt tags are for SEO friend Image Optimization.Why should you need to optimize your image and how you will do?It can’t be described in short paragraph,So I write a complete Article about it.

Read the Article – How to use image Alt Tag : SEO Friendly Images

6.h1-h6 tag style

The Importance of H1 to H6 tag in On-Page Optimization is indescribable.If you want to give tile on your post ,Use one of the h1 ,h2 ,h3 ,h4 ,h5 ,h6 tags.Because Search Engines can’t read your post’s Bold <B> tag, Italic <I> tag ,Underline <U> tag because these tags are not remain in their(Search Engines) Algorithm .

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7.SEO Friendly URL Structure (Rename Page Files)

Creating SEO Friendly URL Structure is one of the most important part of On-Page Optimization. Create SEO Friendly URL Structure and you will get organic traffic. When you create a post you ,you must have to give a name of the page or it create automatically .I am talking about your link name not post’s.

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8. Creat content According to Keyword

Creat content according to your targeted keyword.Post must be unique.

9. Creat XML Sitemap

Sitemap is a XML file which will help Search Engines like Google,Bing  ,Yahoo, to index your blog.It is Sitemap , which help crawlers to see the complete structure of your site .It will help Search engines to crawl web pages,posts and index them.

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10.SMO (Social Media Optimization)

Do SMO (Social Media Optimization) your blog.It will also help your blog to drive organic traffic . SMO your blog in Online Social media websites like facebook , twitter ,linked-in etc.