We know Smartphone’s most unstoppable features are its battery. Always we browsing, social media, and gaming are faster than battery charges. But for all this frustrating reality is not all the fault batteries, if you charge the battery incorrectly, we are also responsible for this.
It is generally believed that charging a small amount of the smartphone in the whole day would spoil the battery performance. But in reality the opposite is true.


Battery University experts have created a guideline to keep the performance of the smartphone’s battery better. It has been said that the worst thing to charge in full on phone charges and to charge flowers with a few hours of charge is to run.

As a result, lithium ion batteries are high in the battery. Each time the charge of the flower is gradually decreasing the performance of the battery, due to the high voltage pressure decreases.

So there is no need to charge lithium-ion battery rich smartphone phones. Battery University experts are advised to maintain battery performance, instead of charging a smartphone a long time, charge a little bit more on the day-to-day basis. More than once, if necessary. Battery will be better for long time.

So we try to our safety mobile with battery.

Maximum¬† smart phone user damage battery because they do not know how to charge his smart phone. It’s may be our fault or we do not try to know how save my smart phone¬† and lithium ion battery.

Maximum user do not know about lithium ion battery.