Freelancing has become one of the best outsourcing occupation. But to get success by freelancing you should obey some rules and regulation and also need to do work in some facts . Remember To do freelancing you may have to face many difficulties and challenges .You should compete them with patience (try heart and soul to compete). To gain success and win any Freelancing Job easily you should work hard .

Today’s post is for those who want to get succeed by Freelancing .Some tips Every Freelancer should follow to gain success and win any Freelancing Job.

1. Do self Marketing :

To get new freelancing work ( to win any bid on  Freelancing Job) or get work from old client easily self marketing is the best key.You should show (before your client) your quality . You should never stop , though you are busy.You should remember People respects quality .

Remember : But your main work should not get hamper for this.

2. Be Active in Online Social Media :

To get wanted works from client of Odesk , Freelancer , Elancer etc. marketplaces the best medium is to be active in online social medias and other online communities . For this You should keep updated your self on social medias.

3.Create Your own website :

You have to create your own portfolio website where you have to show (present) your expertise  and describe beautifully about your works you are capable of.The benefit is that a link of your portfolio can increase your impression before client.

4.Do Blogging to show your quality :

Blogging is the best medium to show (present before any client) your experience and knowledge which work you are doing.So for this you have to do blogging regularly.

5.The Good side of works which you may need to know :

Every single person is unique of their works and experience.You have to find out your uniqueness .If you know which work you can do and in which section you have much experience it will help you to do the work easily and self marketing.

6.Keep Updated Your Portfolio :

Always pay a visit to your portfolio and Recheck your qualities (Don’t forget to present any quality which may need to get any Freelancing Job)  .You should keep update your portfolio daily .Remember You should present the best works(you can do easily and beautifully) at first  .

7.Maintain a good connection :

You would never think that client will knock you all the time , you also have to knock him and maintain a good connection.

8.Client Information research (optional):

If you don’t find any info about client history and his company information neither in Freelancing site nor in his website , It would be better to not accept the work.Firstly,You should know about the work and also find information about client history and his company .

9.Learn to Listen and Asking Question :

You should not take any decision to start work depend only the conception of the client what he/she want. You had to get a clear concept about the work . If can’t get clear conception  , ask him question.

10.Respect the client and show a good manner :

Whether you live in a uncultured place , you should show a good manner that people may not understand your cultural condition.You should always show a good manner and respect to the client

11. Good Discussion:

There is no rule like this that you have to obey every rules of the client.As a Freelancer you can haggle about the contract.

12.Judge the payment impartially  :

There are so many workers,freelancer who do not get so much work for this they offer little price to do the work.I do not discourage this But it is not so good for your career . You should do the work perfectly and fulfill and judge a good amount of money (payment).

13.Do not hesitate to say “No” :

All works in Freelancing site is not for you or you can’t do or the payment may be so little or you may don’t like to do.Do that work which you like to do.Do not hesitate to say “No” unknown and dislike works.According to the work and your time limit say “Yes”.Saying No to client with due respect is also a best freelancer’s quality.

14.Which work you want to do say your client to describe :

Always you should get a clear conception about the work.It will help you to do work easily.In this section you can Follow the tip(9) to get clear concept.

15. Disturb may affect :

Before starting work you should ensure first the environment is helpful for you to do the work . If it is not , it will disturb you to work.You cannot do the work with full attention.You also cannot complete the work in time.So make helpful work environment.

16. Maintain a routine:


17. Keep Neat and clean (Health Tips):


18. Maintain a healthy food diet (Health Tips) :


19.Importance of Exercise (Health Tips) :


20. Importance of taking Rest (Health Tips):


21.Create chances :

Creat chances by working according to your client wish.Get clear conception about the work as much as you can from client. Complete the work timely.So client may can give you so much work next time.

22. Complete the wish (working condition) of client :


23.Send Invoices :


24.Importance of saying Thanks :


25. Followup the client:


26. Electing aim :


27. Do Plan wise work :

28.Get help :


29.Keep time for learning :


30. Invest something for good :


31.Use the right Software :


32. Create a Support Group:


33.Notice on the client Comment :


34.Create Own Products :


35.Keep a good attitude :


36. Trust own self :


37.Do new things :


38. Share your opinions online :


39. Future :

40. Conclusion(My articles rule not your works) Fact :