Android mobile phone is more than a great 7 Mega Tips to Speed ​​Up

Now look around, almost everyone  hand , the Android operating system , the smartphone will be able to see . That does not happen if other people use smartphone operating system than the plethora of Android phones . The main reason is because the operating system takes a lot of money to buy just as nice as the smartphone ‘s low – and phones within the reach of the price goes to the back . However , the Android smartphone is a common problem, with time it becomes a little slow . So , today I ‘ll share some tips which are not complete , but will allow your smartphone much smoother .

1 . Please update the firmware on your smart phone with some lag problems that in many cases the firmware is updated . ‘ Update ‘ the means to add something new than ever before . And , in addition to smartphone via a firmware update every hairdresser low – increased capabilities . If you do not have time to go through the eye of a lot of changes to your smartphone to release a firmware update that is important to many errors .

The. Your Android phone ‘ reset ‘ it: We all know that the ‘ reset ‘ means to ‘ restore ‘ or ‘ the new ‘ , and smartphones in the ‘ reset ‘ option works just like cash . Indeed, when you think that you had purchased your smartphone and your smartphone is the very smooth OS ? However , over time many different files in your Android smartphone gets accumulated due lyagi the smartphone has become . However, if your smart phone ‘ factory reset ‘ and then delete all files from a smart phone, just like on the first drive of the day will be smooth . I say all the files that you use those files were submitted to the understending. But it is not clear that the system files , so you get the very smooth to reset the smartphone .

Caution ‘ factory reset ‘ to remain in storage as a result of contact with your smart phone internal , Big is petty , calendar entries , memo and applications that you ‘re used to – they will be deleted . So , all the necessary information before resetting back – keep up with . However , the use of Google accounts , including contacts and calendar entries are synchronized in some cases text messages .

3 . Please check your phone’s internal storage is often reduced by the amount of memory for smart phones, smart phones when you can experience lag . So , you have occasionally thrilling games to your internal files , applications , media files , such as music , videos , etc. , as well as external storage drive and memory card ( transfer ) of the day. However , most of the low – low- end smartphones in the amount of internal storage and, therefore, that these tips may not work for all smart phones .

4 . You can extend the application to use something like Google Play Store killer task can use the application to install .

● In the case of older smart phones can use the ‘auto task killer’ application . It defined ‘n’ is the fist time interval defined processes applications and smart phones will help to free memory in the usual way , having more free RAM to operate the smart phone faster .

● You can use a good quality antivirus application . Smartphones like computers are affected by many different viruses and malware and viruses with a good anti-virus software to detect these viruses and conscientiously and to a certain extent after removing your smartphone will be dynamic .

● You can use the ‘start up manager’ like some applications . As a result of this application in your phone you will be able to specify the boot or to restart any applications that will enable the disabled and there is no rose .

● ‘Juice defender’ type applications with other applications that do not have exactly the background to automatically start with your phone and your phone can support battery .

● ‘cache cleaner’ stagnant memory  applications in a wide variety of mobile smartphone Smooth Case files will be deleted .

● ‘Apps to SD card’ application is a useful application . Installed  you have your smart phone ‘s internal storage allows applications to transfer your phone’s external memory card and the Internal storage to be free , to a certain extent , therefore, the smart phone will work faster . But remember , this application will allow you to transfer all kinds application memory card , your phone to move some applications ‘ root ‘ will take .

● ‘Spare parts’ such applications will have access to the advanced level of the configuration panel , for example – Transition animation control .

5 . Phelunah remove unnecessary applications we have seen many times free to roam around the store , but the next time the application is installed, the applications do not use much . It should remove unnecessary applications . This smartphone will have free RAM and to a certain extent than ever before in consequence of your smart phone will lag free .

6 . Smart phone, restart your computer , restart it: We have isolated computer problems , computer problems and in some cases eliminated. Smart phones in the same behavior . However , these tricks a temporary  options , but it works .

7 . Please route your smart phone smart phones ‘ root ‘ , which means you will get some additional benefits and services to the facility to be utilized in a better way to utilize your smart phone . However, the routing is one of the types of processors, however , after the stage of solving risk Internet site and forum for the welfare of smart phones ‘ root ‘ and the risk volume is now much easier to say no , just like the previous one . He talked about the risk , you ‘re not successful at the time of the route , you can go to the smart phone brick . Again , even if you have successfully completed the routing processes are provided with smart phones ‘ warranty ‘ apharata end though , if you want to unload your rooted Android device – you can root and get back to warranty . Now say that an Android powered smart phone operating system up to speed with the key relationships of this routing .

● Over clock you root your Android device and allows the device to the processor over block clock processors over a natural way to be normal, to be able to do much more than the processor . So , over the processor to Clock allows you to increase the speed and thus your Android smartphone .

● You can use a custom ROM on your Android device to route the device will use a custom ROM . However , using a custom ROM , and the risk of somewhat advanced level after level using full custom ROM anyway to increase the speed of the smart phone easily . Therefore , the unnecessary applications that do not have custom order to agree on the same resources and the use of smart phones do not have any unnecessary applications and smart phones are also making use of custom ROM is to fix some bugs . Because of the risks that I occasionally do custom ROM is stable and the different kinds of problems has occurred .

● Unnecessary  every Android smart phone stock ram remove system apps can be seen in many different applications and pre- order – which many people do not use is instal-ad . ‘ Root ‘ , which means you are getting power in the hands of the Administration for the things you want your device to be instal-ad system can remove unwanted Apps developed will result in smoother and faster speed to some extent on your smart phone .

Caution To remove system apps App of the course back – remember to take up . Here is a nice application ‘Titanium Backup’ App.