Maximus Max908 Root with CWM Recovery : Somedays ago my friend buy a Maximus Max908 .It was running good.But My friend said that without Root access there is no extra-fun.So he use the trick to root.

FIRST READ THE –    The advantages and disadvantages of Rooted Android Smartphone

—————————- What will need to Root —————————–

1. Farmroot.apk ( For Root)
Download Link :

2. Recovery.img (Custom CWM Image)
Download Link:

3. Mobile Uncle ToolBox (CWM image Flash for doing this)
Download Link:
Farmroot.apk install it and open it .
Then from the Dropdown menu select Install SuperSU Boromir and Tap it

Just like it …..
FrameRoot Maximus 908

Now,there will show a message that Success Full Massage
Then Restart Your Phone.
Now you will see a app named SuperSu .

CWM Recovery Install

Mobile Uncle ToolBox install in your phone. Copy the file name – ManiAc_131022__recovery_140306-132237.img and paste on your Root of SD Card.

Now open mobile uncle toolbox and tap on Recovery Update

Just like the picture.

Maximus 908 Root
Now, it will show a CWM Custom Recovery img .Tap the img file

How to root Maximus 908
Then will come a popup ,click ok.

Now there will come another pop up ,click that ok and restart your phone. And that will take to you in CMW Mode.

 You must do Backup CWM Recovery  Stock Rom