Comments are one of the best tool to get powerful backlink .We also comment to question the author and to get answer.We also share our opinions via comment.

Why you visit blog or forum ? Answer is to get something you are searching for ( it is not a joke , it’s true . Ask yourself(own) , you will get the answer ). When you visit blog or forum and get what you are searching for you become happy.Sometime you tell your happiness to the author via comment.But when you need to know something else about what you are searching for you ask the author or others via comment or post.Sometime your comment don’t  get approved because of your innocence.To improve your comment i will share some tips , I hope my tips will help you to get your comment approved.

1.Don’t make Spam.

Spamming is not healthy for your comment.Now many website’s,blog’s and forum’s owners are aware to prevent spam.The use spam prevent plugin,extesions and tricks. If you make spam on comment ,your comment will not get approved. Many valuable comment are don’t get  approved

Tip (1): So from now stop spamming and Comment Spam free . If you comment Spam free your comment will get approved.

2.Don’t use only Wishing Words.

If only use wishing words on comment the website’s,blog’s and forum’s owners will easily understand that you are a spammer . Don’t use only wishing words like these –

“Good Post”

“Great Post”

” Thank’s for the post”

” You are incredible”

“What a great post ”

” It is oneGo on”

” Superb post”

“Really helpfull”

Tip (2): Though authors love wishing words but they will not approve your comment if you use only wishing words on comment.With wishing words add some valuable words.

3.Don’t use Keyword on the Name Field.

Sometime we use our blogs keyword as username in the Name Field.It’s a bad habit.Blog owners dislike this.For this reason your comment will be unapproved.To avoid this Problem use your Real name on the name field.

Tip (3): If you want to use your keyword on the name field you can use this trick – Real Name [Keyword] . Example – Shakib [All-rounder] . It may help you to place your keyword and get approved comment.

4.Make your comment Attractive.

To make your comment beautiful and attractive you can use emoticons . You can use show your images on comment by using Gravatar . Gravatar means a Globally Recognized Avatar. Don’t know How to set your own image on comments ?


Read this – Gravatar : 9 steps to setup your Gravatar


Tip (4): Use your Emoticons after wishing words.Example – ” Great post 😀 ” . Don’t forget to setup Gravatar .

5.Use good words

Use Good words to get approved comment.Don’t use bad words,offensive words,slang words author might not like it.Use fresh and good words , wishing words.Authors like fresh good words and wishing words.

Tip (5): Wishing Words are most powerful to get approved comment.but add effective sentence before or after wishing words.(2)