The Importance of H1 to H6 tag in On-Page Optimization is indescribable.If you want to give tile on your post ,Use one of the h1 ,h2 ,h3 ,h4 ,h5 ,h6 tags.Because Search Engines can’t read your post’s Bold <B> tag, Italic <I> tag ,Underline <U> tag because these tags are not remain in their(Search Engines) Algorithm . For this Search Engines want to add these H tags (h1 tag to h6 tag) .When any Search Engine Crawl any webpage If they find any H tags (h1 tag to h6 tag) they take it as Title/Headline.If you us these H tags (h1 tag to h6 tag) in On-Page Optimization your blog will be almost ready for the Search Engines.

How and where to use these H tags (h1 tag to h6 tag) 

1.Use <H1> tag only for your Post Title / Headline.

2.Use your targeted keyword in this (Headline / Title) h1 tag .

H1 tag uses,Use H1 tag as Title,H1 tag

3.Limit your title at 70(65 letters recommendation) letters.

4.Do not use your keyword again and again in the post or Search Engines will take it as spam.

5.Use h2 tags or others { h2 tag to h6 tag } as subtitle in the post.Using these tags your post will look natural and Search Engines love webpages naturalism .

H tags (h1 tag to h6 tag),H tags ,h1 tag to h6 tag


H tags (h1 tag to h6 tag) codes 

H tags , h1 tag,h2 tag,h3 tag,h4 tag,h5 tag,h6 tag