“ http 500 internal server error ” is not any specific error in wordpress . It could be happen because of many reasons. It may happen because of any plugin, specific theme , .htcacess corrupted file , when php memory limits , or if there any fault in theme function. To solve this problem firstly you have to know for which reason this problem have happened . Example , If you visit doctor to get rid of your problem you must told the doctor about your problem .Then doctor can prescribe you the right medicine.

http 500 internal server error

Check .htcaccess file (is it corrupted or not)


Many time the error happened because of .htcaccess file corrupt . Rename your .htcaccess file file to any name ( like : .htcaccess-file-old ) You can get the .htcaccess file by logging in ftp or in c-panel ->> File manager (check – hidden files) , then you will find .htcaccess file in root folder .Then reload your blog,if it is showing perfectly ? if your blog is perfect go your WordPress admin panel. Go to Dashboard ->> Settings ->> Permalinks ,after that click save without any change . An .htcaccess file will generate automatically (if you don’t do this every link will show 404 not found).


Increase Php memory Limit

Increase your PHP Memory limit ,Increase your PHP Memory,PHP Memory

If the message “500 internal server error” show after login or when you upload file follow the instructions. To increase Php memory limit follow the steps –

  1. Create a blank text file called php.ini
  2. Paste this code in there: memory=64MB
  3. Save the file
  4. Upload it into your /wp-admin/ folder using FTP

After doing this if it solve I recommend you to inform the Hosting Provider about the problem as fast as you can and increase php memory.


Deactivate all Plugin

Deactivate Plugin

Plugin is the another reason of this problem . It could be happen for any specific plugin . For this deactivate all plugin .

=>> (Trick) If you can’t deactivate plugin normally usre the trick – To deactivate plugin go to your c-panel file manager or from ftp go wp-content and change the name of plugin folder name.

After deactivate go to Dashboard and Activate plugin one by one.Then see for which plugin it  is happening and delete the plugin (If you use Trick rename the plugin file before delete ) .


After doing the above tricks if your problem does not get solved contact the Hosting Provider .