What is E-mail ?

Email is the shorter of ‘Electronic Mail’.It is a mailbox of Worldwide Computer Network.In a few second We can send letter , images,information ,file,video from one place to another place of the world.For this need an email account of Sender or recipient .

How to Open a G-mail or Google Account : G-mail  means Google mail.It is a google (g-mail) account.You can enter any Function(Which a normal user can) of google via this mail.Like Google + ,G-mail,Google Drive,Google Adsense,Google Adwords etc.

So lets start How to Open a G-mail or Google Account ,

To pen a Google account or G-mail account go to this link – http://www.gmail.com(Gmail)

A page will come then click – Create an account.

How to Open a G-mail or Google Account

After that A page will come to give some information.

Open a gmail account

Give your First name and Last name, Chose a user name (it is your g-mail account username@gmail.com),Password,Birthday date,Mobile Number,Check Skip Verification if you want to verify mobile number or leave it unchecked,Then select Location and Must Check Google T.O.S. and P.P.

Then Click Next Step.Then a Page will come to Setup your Google Profile .

Set up your profile

You can Upload image by Clicking Add Photo.Then click Next step.

A Coplete G-mail account

A Welcome Page will come there  you can find your gmail . Your new email address is username@gmail.com . To go G-mail Click Continue to Gmail.

That’s all, Now you can also create a gmail account.