If you want to hide pictures from browser this post is for you.It will help to save your internet data and the page load faster than the older time.When we do not have enough megabytes (data) in our internet  package we had to use internet very carefully to the last of date expire . Loading  the images of web page use most of our megabyte of the internet package.When it is unnecessary it also shows pictures or photos.To save our extra megabyte from the use of loading image we must do something.We can use tricks or install add-ons or extensions.You can see my trick what i have use.You can see an example after using tricks =>>



Hide Pictures or photos


Hide Pictures or photos

To Hide Images for Mozilla Firefox Download this add-on =>> DOWNLOAD

Hide Pictures or photos from Mozilla firefox

To Hide Images for Google Chrome Download this add-on =>> DOWNLOAD 

Hide Pictures or photos from Google chrome

To Hide Images for Safary Download this  =>> DOWNLOAD

Hide Pictures or photos from Safary


If you want to hide so use this add-on .Soon I will give a trick to Hide Pictures or photos without any download.