If we want to find anything first We give the word in the Google search to find.Have you ever wondered that in some search come with peoples faces and by name.Why there faces are showing in the search ? How do they do it ?

Google Authorship : How to get your photo in Google Search

It is more interesting and creditable.It is possible by the System of Google Authorship Markup and the rel=author tag.

Once the rich snippet was added the number of click will also be increased .It is one of those opportunities  which will give you a good advantage in Google Search.Google also give some basic information about it but that was not so helpful .I find a simple way to verify Google Authorship and I am sharing it with you with screenshot .Screenshot will help you to do it easily.

You must have an Complete setup Google + profile . So if you don’t have an fully setup Google+ profile read it => Complete Google Plus+ profile in a few minutes

It will still work even you are not active in Google + .

Google Authorship : Add Rich Snippet to your Post –

STEP : 1 .Verify Your email address in Google Plus.

Go To this Link => https://plus.google.com/authorship . Thin Give you domain email address and verify the email.



After Verifying the name@yourdomain.com mail you will see this in your Google Plus About Page at Contact Information.


Confirm that you are current Contributor of the Yourdomain.

GOOGLE AUTHORSHIP Markup - Contributor

STEP : 2 .Add your Google Plus link in Profile.

Go to Edit your profile and give your Google plus link.You can also add it into your Biography.

GOOGLE AUTHORSHIP - Link to your Profile


You can use it also :

The author tag – https://plus.google.com/+yourusername/?rel=author

Change the “yourusername”


Then check the rich snippet by going this link = > http://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/richsnippets

{ If already have published publisher tag on the blog if don’t see the step 3. }


STEP : 3 .Your Publisher must need to put Publisher tag.

If your Publisher or you the owner put the Google plus page on homepage and use the Publisher tag in the blog homepage thus it will work.If you don’t d any one of this There will show an error message.


To Ignore this error message Place your domain verified Google Plus+page on the homepage of your blog.

“or” use Google plus rel=publisher tag on the header.

The publisher tag – https://plus.google.com/+yourpage/?rel=publisher

Change the “yourpage” .