Einstein’s Simplicity 

Great Men are known by their works and nature .Einstein was very simple in his ways of life and indifferent to his astounding fame.Once the Queen of Belgium invited him to Brussels.When he got down from the train at Brussels,he could not think that there were actually many gorgeously dressed officials to receive him at the station.


The officials also expected to see somebody who would appear to be rich and aristocratic to them.They never imagined that the shabby man would be Einstein himself.So they back to the queen and inform her that he had not come by the train.Einstein however walked the whole way with a suitcase in one hand and a violin in the other hand.When he reached the destination , the queen said to him , “I sent a car for you , Dr. Einstein.”

” I didn’t think,” replied the great scientist with a smile,” That anybody would send a car for me.But I can assure you,I have greatly enjoyed the walk.

We should Support this ways of life of Einstein.Many People who are famous suffer from some kind of arrogance.This is not good.