What is C-Panel ?

C-panel is your hosting Control Panel.Your web-hosting and website’s Control Panel.Here you can make email, add on domains,sub domains,Redirects,Security,Seo short tips, software application { like joomla,wordpress,magento etc.} and others etc.

Today I will share How to Creat Database in C-Panel Easily.So let’s Start.

Creating Database in C-panel :

First go to your C-Panel login . Then login tour C-Panel Then You will see option of Database .

Creat Database in C-Panel Easily

Then Select  MySQL® Database Wizard. Going there give name in the box.It is Database name…Then Click Next Step.

Creating Database - cPanel X


After that Complete the form , Give username,Password { you can also use password genatrator } and Click Creat user.

Creating Database - 2  cPanel X

Another step is needed to creat complete datase in C-Panel.After this There will show your Database Name, Database username,Database Password.There a option you will see All Previleges . Check the  All Previleges .


Creating Database - 3  cPanel X


That’s all, Your Database is ready to use.

Creating Database - 4  cPanel X


Thank’s for reading this post .