Renaming File or Page name is one of the most important part of On-Page Optimization.When you create a post you ,you must have to give a name of the page or it create automatically .I am talking about your link name not post’s.You will see a link like this,

Example : 1.




Above 3 links which is looking better? Of course number 3.Because you can understand what is in the link by reading the link.So when you make such a link you must use your targeted keyword on that link.To change your link ( like 3 ) from old system follow the steps given below.

How to change permalink in wordpress blog

First go to your WordPress Admin Panel.Then click Settings and Click on Permalinks Settings.

Permalink settings of WordPress

To change your old permalink ( like number 3)  chose the Post name Option.Or give this code on Custom Structure – /%postname%/

Changing Permalink on wordpress

Some tips about renaming File or Page name

  • 1.On the blogs page name ( I am talking about your link name ) keep targeted keyword name. Example: if your targeted keyword is like this “get success by blogging ” you can give it in your page name like this – “how-to-get-success-by-blogging”.Link will be like this =>
  • 2.Use hyphens  “-“ when naming your page.
  • 3.Stop using words like a,in,at,of on page name ( I am talking about your link name ) .Search Engines take this words as “Skipping Words”
  • 4.In your webpage use extension like this – .html, .php , .htm .This extension are not really so usefull but good for your webpage.