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See how protect your Smartphone battery life

We know Smartphone's most unstoppable features are its battery. Always we browsing, social media, and gaming are faster than battery charges. But for all this frustrating reality is not all the fault batteries, if you charge the battery incorrectly, we are also responsible for this. It is generally believed that charging a small amount of the smartphone in the whole day would spoil the battery performance. But in reality the opposite is true., Continue reading

Mega Tips to Speed ​​Up for Android mobile phone is more than 7

Android mobile phone is more than a great 7 Mega Tips to Speed ​​Up

Now look around, almost everyone  hand , the Android operating system , the smartphone will be able… Continue reading

The advantages and disadvantages of Rooted Android Smartphone

There are a lot of the advantages and disadvantages of Rooted Android Smartphone.Today I am going to tell about it.

ROOT : I think a lot of … Continue reading