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What is Backlink and Backlinks Importance

Backlink : BackLink means get link of your blog from another blog . Suppose you have a blog and you put your blog link in another blog , then you will get a backlink from that blog (2nd party blog) where you put your blog (own blog) link.


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Suppose Your Blog name is “My blog” and where you will put your link if that blog’s name is “2nd party blog” , As a result you will get a backlink from “2nd party blog” .Like this how many other blogs you can put your own blog’s link , you will get that number of backlinks. In SEO it is one of the most important thing.It is a part of Off Page Optimization.

In a word ,We can say from which blogs we get our own blog’s incoming link we can call it BackLink .

Backlink ,

Why Backlink needed

In SEO it is one of the most important thing .To increase a blog’s importance and acceptance in Search Engines , there is no alternative without increasing backlink . Every backlink is like a vote for you.For this Search Engines search backlink all the time . You will never want to give a sit any unqualified blog in search engine.Because of this Search Engines also give importance them in the 1st page whom has plenty of backlink.To show the importance of the backlink in Google,It manage the “Google Page Rank” System. Google Page Rank is also known as Google PR , in shortly PR .In “Google Page Rank” Google shows the importance of the blog or web page in google or rank.So now it is proved that how much important is backlink to increase blog ranking , improve blog ranking.

BACKLINK Importance,What is Backlink , Why Backlink needed

Suppose there are 100 people are behind any person.From them 80 percent people are blind,mute ,one leg guy etc.Did this people can do the work of 100 people? Answer is no.But if you have 20 percent of men are powerful and qualified , they can do the work of 100 people.Any Company will not also take any unqualified person.

Suppose you have 100 backlinks . But from which blogs you get backlink , if they are not so important for Search Engines those backlinks are useless.Those backlinks will never benefit you.If  you get 20 High Quality Backlinks ,those backlinks will benefit you and will do the work of 100 backlinks .

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