There are a lot of the advantages and disadvantages of Rooted Android Smartphone.Today I am going to tell about it.

ROOT : I think a lot of Android user familiar with the word Root. We get more advanced permission in a  Rooted device that we can’t get in any Un-Root Android Device.

Example generally we can’t uninstall any SYSTEM APP of a Android Device. But in a rooted android device we can easily uninstall it.

Benefits and Risk of Rooted Android Smartphone:

 There are thousands of apps and games in the Play store for Rooted android device. Those apps and games don’t support in Unrooted android device. For example : One of my using titanium backup on my Walton primo f2. It’s backup all the apps, call logs, sms logs, app data etc. Titanium backup support only rooted device.

Advantage : What’s advanced advantage we will get in a rooted android device.


  • 1. You can delete unwanted system apps.

  • 2. You can backup all system and user apps + data. 3. You can backup your phone call logs, sms logs, settings etc.

  • 4. You can integrated updated apps into ROM.

  • 5. You can install custom ROM for batter performance.

  • 6. You upgrade android version some of Android device.

  • 7. You can change boot sound, boot animation, system ring tune etc.

  • 8. You can over clocking CPU and GPU of Android device.

  • 9. You can convert any system apps to user apps and any user apps to system apps.

  • 10. You can use those apps which doesn’t support in unrooted Android device.

  • 11. You can use free Internet via vpn.

There are many disadvantages of Rooted Android device.

Disadvantages : Some disadvantages of Rooted Android device.

  • 1. Brick: Your Android device can be damaged during rooting time.

  • 2. If unfortunately delete any necessary system apps. It can damage your phone.

  • 3. If unfortunately delete default launcher and at that time there is no Installed other launcher in your device. Then you received and make call but you can’t access other apps.

  • 4. Sometimes your rooted android phone may damage after installation unknown source apps. Which isn’t download from Google play.


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