Add Login in to view system on your WordPress Blog : We even visit some normal or popular forums.We have to face Log-in to view System .As an Example, If we want to get download link we have to register (if do not have registered) or log-in( if already have registered ) . It is a System they increase their users in their website (but it may not really increase your visitors , but numbers of user will increase ) . So getting a large number of users info , they can send them newsletter , offers and links of their website. Receiving their mail Some people attract , some distract.

You can also use this system on your WordPress (CMS) blog.You just need to add or upload a plugin. The name of the Plugin is = >> Login to read more

To Add this Plugin Log-in to your WP Admin Panel.Got Plugin and Click Add new .

1.Search System

Their You can Find the plugin and install it . To find give this name in the search bar = >> Login to read more

Add a plugin to your wordpress blog

2.Upload System

To upload click on Upload Section. Browse the Downloaded Plugin and Upload.Plugin Download Link =>>

Login to read more

How to use this Plugin

Display content enclosed by the shortcode for registered users only.

[auth]This content will display for registered users only[/auth]

Use the Short codes [auth] USE [/auth] to setup your Log-in to view more system on wordpress.Screenshots are given below.

Add Login in to view system on your wordpress

After Using the Shortcode see what happened

Add Login in to view system on your wordpress


By using above step you can Add Login in to view system on your wordpress