Jetpack is one of the popular and best plugin in wordpress . It has many features.Contact Form is one of them.Contact Form is to keep a good relation with the visitor and admin.By contacting,Visitor get solution of their questions and admin get organic visitor.Whom get Solution they told their other friends about the blog and their good response.As a result , Blogs organic traffic increases.

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To create a Contact Form using Jetpack Plugin , First Go to your Pages and click Add New Page.


Then give Page name [I give Contact us].You can give some description about your blog in  the page.To add contact form Click – Add Contact Form .

Add Contact Form

After Clicking  Add Contact Form a form builder will appear before you.

Add Contact Form builder,Contact Form,Contact Form builder

You can add new field in the Contact Form.You can make them Required or Non-required.

Contact Form - New Field,Contact Form, New Field

You can drag up and down the field.

Contact Form - drag up or down,Contact Form ,drag up or down

You can delete field by clicking minus.You can also edit them by clicking edit.

Contact Form - delete field,Contact Form , delete field

You will get notification when anyone Contacts you.For this you have to setup Email Notification Setting.You can use multiple image in commas.

Contact Form - Email Notification Settings,Contact Form ,Contact Form - Notification Settings, Email Notification Settings

Click Add this form to my post to show the form in your Page.

Contact Form - Publish,Contact Form,Publish

Then click publish to show your contact form.To read the messages of reader click – Feedback [ in WordPress Admin Panel]


Now your Contact page is ready.If anyone contacts you you can read their messages easily and they can also contact you easily.