has created in May,2014 by Shahriar Ahmed.Shahriar Ahmed is the Founder of The blog .Thanks for visit PN about page.In this about page you will know about me and PerfectNeed.The blog has opened for create awareness among the blogger and newbie’s.

About me : Shahriar Ahmed

I am Shahriar Ahmed .I am a Student and Part time blogger.I live in Comilla,Chittagong,Bangladesh. This domain – was bought by a deshi domain company . When I have got interested in blogging , I think lets try my luck.So I find this domain in a domain sell company and contact the owner oft domain and buy it. From May 2014 I started my blog life .I will try to share my experience, my creativity and what I know.I got skills and knowledge in WordPress,Blogging,Search Engine Optimization etc.I will also try to share them.

About  PerfectNeed [PN] is a community blog.PerfectNeed  is for those who want to learn about Blogging,SEO,WordPress,Earn Money,Affiliate Marketing ,Social Media and tricks.

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