When you are creating a blog or website first you should give a look in your websites loading time.You will face many problem if your page loading time high.Such , it will hard to keep visitors in your blog if your blog page speed is low though you have great and high quality contents and design.If your blog page loading time is high your blog may by be penalized by Google.You should check your page loading time with Speed Checker Tool.Speed Optimization is a Ranking Factor.So you should Speed up your blog.

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How to Speed up your blog

You should follow the following tips to speed up your blog .

1.Avoid JavaScript

The worst side of JavaScript is it slows your blog/website.If you must need to use JavaScript (When you face do or die without JavaScript) ,  please use small number of java script.Don’t use Java Script at the top of your page , use inside the body tag.If you can avoid using java script , so avoid it.

2.Use Good Template/Template

You should aware when you are selecting a theme/template . Use good themes/templates .There would remain some unwanted code in themes/templates .These code can slow your blog/website. Don’t use nulled themes/templates.

3.Use Images when necessary

Don’t use a large number of images in post.It may slow you blog/website.Use images when necessary .If there is necessary to use image , reduce image size . To reduce image size use “Save for Web” option in Photoshop.

4.Use a few number of Widgets

Don’t use a large number of widgets in blog/website.A large number of Widgets may slow your site.Use Necessary widgets and delete unnecessary widgets.

5. Advertisement

Don’t use Popup advertisement.Popup may slow your blog.Use a good amount of advertisement , Don’t full your page with advertisement.Add advertisement in some targeted area which visitors love and help you to earn good amount of revenue.

6.Read More tag

Don’t show full post in home page, use excerpt in post.Show a Read more button in posts at homepage , which visitors love.By doing this a pressure will release from home page.

7.Home Page 

Do not show many posts in home page.It is also slow your website/blog.Show 5 or 10 posts in your homepage.Use a Pagination , People and Search Engines will like this.

8.CDN ( Content Delivery Network )

CDN means Content Delivery Network.It is very advance level service and price is too much but its return is too big.It is a service with powerful and fast servers with global network. When you get this service CDN fetch your data of blog/website and lunch to visitor very fast because data load to user according their area server.

9. Hosting Provider

You should choose a good hosting provider.Because Good hosting’s can load your site quickly. Better hosting can give you better result.Many Hosting Providers offers cheap hosting at cheap rate.Cheap hosting’s are bad.Because some time cheap hosting’s server goes down , have to face several problems.It effects on your blog Performance.

10.Video Tutorial

In tutorial some people place video in post.It may slow your loading time highly.But You can solve this by using YouTube .Upload your tutorial videos in YouTube then place in your post. If you perfectly place a video from youtube it may reduce some loading time and speed up your blog.

I hope if you follow above tips it may help you to speed your blog.If you are using WordPress as blogging platform you may check this out – How to Reduce Loading Time in WordPress Blog