Backlinks are so important to increase your Page Rank .It is also help you to increase your organic visitor.To get High Quality Backlink for your blog follow my tips given below.

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1.Article Submission

To get High quality backlink Article Submission is one of the greatest way.There are many free article Submission websites.Promote your Site through article submission.Do Article submission in order to gain popularity and to obtain better Page Rank . You can give your blog link in your bio data ( It is the safest way to free from spamming).


2.Guest blogging

To get High quality backlink Guest blogging is also important.There are a few number of the blogs who accept topics related to related topics (like Blogging,SEO,Make money etc.). Though the acceptance rate is not very high on many of them. Also, it takes time to see your post getting published. So, depending upon your requirement, you should check with every blog acceptance guidelines.


3.Forum Post

There are many forums at internet .You can Publish your thoughts / content in the forum and get back links . But many of the Forums are now aware to prevent spam.So though you give your link in post , Some Forums do not show your link.On that Kind of forum you can get backlink by adding your website link in your profile in the Signature area.

4.By Commenting

By Commenting others website or blog you can also get backlink . You can Comment other blogs which related to your blog.You can comment in other websites but related websites are really useful for you to get good backlink .Comment in those blogs which blogs Page Rank is good enough.

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Because of some fault of Newbies,  Comment did not approve by the blog admin. So do not make fault or your comment will not approve.


5.Press Release

You can do Press release to get backlink. A press release is a written statement to the media.It can announce a range of news items,including scheduled events , personnel promotions , awards , new products and services,sales accomplishment etc.It can also be used to generate a feature story.It is a Fundamental tool of PR work .

6.By Submit your site in Web Directory Sites

There are many Web Directory sites and Social Bookmarking Sites .Submit your blog in top web directories ( quality matters here).Submit your blog in niche blog.You can get backlink by submitting your blog in Web Directory sites.By submitting our blog links on Social Bookmarking Sites we can get high quality backlinks and it plays a great role in seo.

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7.Link Exchange

You can get backlink by  Link Exchange. Link Exchange with your friend blogs.Tell your friend to link your blog.Exchange your Link into Social Media . ( Exchanging your link into Social media) It can increase your traffic also.By Exchanging your link you can also get good quality backlink.

8.Forum Commenting

There are many forums at internet .You can Publish your thoughts / content in the forum and get back links .You can comment or reply on the threads and give your website link. From forum you can get backlink by adding your website link in your profile in the Signature area.Some forum do not show Signature option quickly, for this user have to post threads or have to remain active for some days. When you comment you will get a backlink from those forums.


Advertisement is the most safe and easiest you.To Advertise you just have to pay money. Because the blog or website which you want to advertise they ensure you.You can also see your advertisement on that website (which website you are advertising) .So,do advertisement to get backlink, if you can’t do the above tips.

10.Paid Backlink

Paid Backlink is the easiest way to get backlink . To get backlink you just have to pay money.Some company take money but did not give high PR backlink . Buy Paid backlink from those whom you know , Be safe from Fake people.