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Find out more new eleven SEO techniques

Search engine is constantly updated so marketers will have to increase their skills in order to continue with it. According to the report, 70% of the user clicks on  search by… Continue reading

See how protect your Smartphone battery life

We know Smartphone's most unstoppable features are its battery. Always we browsing, social media, and gaming are faster than battery charges. But for all this frustrating reality is not all the fault batteries, if you charge the battery incorrectly, we are also responsible for this. It is generally believed that charging a small amount of the smartphone in the whole day would spoil the battery performance. But in reality the opposite is true., Continue reading

The Most Effective 40 Tips to gain success by Freelancing easily

Freelancing has become one of the best outsourcing occupation. But to get success by freelancing you should obey some rules and regulation and also need to do work in… Continue reading

Top 99 High Page Rank Social Bookmarking Sites List (Best)

Today I am sharing some Best quality and High Page Rank Social Bookmarking Sites List.The list is useful for bloggers and also for newbies.You can generate high quality backlinks using the High… Continue reading

How to Download YouTube Videos Online using Add-on

Which people search for videos or watch videos most of them knew the name of YouTube . YouTube is popular for sharing videos among the whole world.Almost all the videos… Continue reading

10 Tips to Speed up your Blog/Website

When you are creating a blog or website first you should give a look in your websites loading time.You will face many problem if your page loading time high.Such ,… Continue reading

Manage 301 Redirection of WordPress Blog

Redirection is one kind of function which forward, which take any link(url) to another link(url).It is important in SEO. Among the 301 Redirection is the best choice.

Why You should… Continue reading

Safe Keyword Density for SEO of blog

Keyword is the most important thing in SEO . We create our blog and contents according to a group of keyword . Keywords can find traffic for your blog.You… Continue reading

Speed Checker Tools to Check Page Loading time

Speed Checker Tools are to check your page loading time . It will analyze your blog page speed and tell you is your blog is slow or speedy.If you are a blogger… Continue reading

10 SEO tips Every Blogger Should Follow

Every Blogger wants to get traffic easily and fast .Also want to keep them in hand (of blog) for a long time.The medium to keep them in hand (of blog)… Continue reading

How to Prevent Spam Comments in WordPress

There are different kind of spam(like spam email,spam comment etc.).I will talk about spam comments.Spam comments make blog life boring.So to spend a happy blog life we should prevent spam comments.Now I… Continue reading

How to Reduce Loading Time in WordPress Blog

Page loading time effects on SEO. It is also a Ranking Factor.You should reduce loading time of your blog and speed up to get a good rank and to get a… Continue reading

SEO Keyword Placement to get top position in Search Engines

Keyword Placement is a part of SEO . You can get traffic from the Best Keyword Placement .If you can place your keyword superbly you may also get top position… Continue reading

Add Pagination in WordPress without plugin

Pagination is really important for any WordPress blog.It helps visitors to see posts by pages.Pagination divides your post in pages.Search Engines also love pagination of blog or website.

Today I will… Continue reading

Wordfence Security for Securing Your WordPress Blog

Wordfence Security secure your wordpress blog from attacks. It help your blog secure and make up to 50 times faster.Wordfence includes Falcon Engine, the fastest WordPress caching engine available today. Falcon is… Continue reading